Mobile phones have became the market space like no other. From application building to integrating among other areas, mobile phones are everywhere. This revolution in the mobile phone applications offers great ways to deliver services to the companies and their investers as well as clients. These applications are best and are user friendly and they provide an interactive experience to all its users in a very efficient manner.

For companies that focus on user experience,user friendlyness, native mobile apps are the best for them. Native apps are developed in a specific programming language for example android, Objective C or swift for iOS. No other apps can beat the native apps when it comes to performance and reliability then its unbeatable. These applications run on mobile devices directly and they have access to all mobile phone features such as GPS, camera, internet,messaging etc.

There are three types of application development types which are as follows:

  • o Native application development:

    Those are specific to given mobile platform (ios and android) and they use the language and development tool specific to the respective platform like objective c, eclipse, java, android, Xcode.

  • o Cross platform mobile applications development:

    They use standard web technologies i.e HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. This is a write once and run anywhere concept and it can be build cross platform mobile applications that will work on multiple devices.

  • o Hybrid applications development:

    These apps make it possible to embed HTML5 applications inside a native box & combining the best features of native and html5 apps.

    There are few ways in which you can make a decision on which the factors you can make your choice of applications.

o Quality of experience with the application

o Complexity of the features inside your application

o Budget for it

Overall if we compare the market and its business needs, Native apps are more intuitive than hybrid applications. They get full support from the relevant app stores and those are completely secure in nature.

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